International Orders

We are currently building our International restrictions database for our Reishi, Lions Mane, Cordyceps, Shiitake, Agaricus Blazei Murill, and Maitake extracts.
Please Contact us . If you have any information on the following countries or any country we have missing.

Please be advised, International orders usually take from 3-5 weeks to arrive.

GREEN - No Restrictions
RED - We can not ship medicinal mushroom products to this country at this time

Asia Pacific

-Australia Limited to 5lbs per shipment.
-China - yearly importation can not exceed 8000 yuan. ( Roughly 1200 USD)
-Hong Kong
- India
-New Zealand
-South korea
-Sri lanka
-Taiwan - individual shipments can not exceed $1000


-Austria - Medicines are allowed for importation with Doctor perscription stating they are essential for life.
-Belaris - Requires authorization from Pulbic health ministry of Belaris
-Bulgaria- Import licenses are required for all commercial shipments, and for gift shipments if the customs duty thereon exceeds 100 leva. Medicines must be approved by the Bulgarian Ministry of Health.
-Croatia - Capsules can not exceed12 bottles per customer per order.
-Czech Republic- addressee of order must be in possession of an import permit form the Czech Republican Health authorities
-Denmark- Orders must be less than 100 Danish Kroner and ordered by pharmacists, laboratories recognized by the State, or authorized dealers.
-Finland - Any substances that may be classed as pharmaceuticals by the Finnish authorities may only be addressed to authorized manufacturers or dealers.
-France - Medicines and medicinal products require an import license issued by the Central Pharmaceutical Service of the Ministry of Health
Germany - We currently can not ship to you
-Great Britan
-Greece - Requires import license
-Hungary -
Italy - We currently can not ship to you
-Portugal - Individuals require a perscription note from doctor that can be emailed to us to be included in shipping documents
-Romania- requires a permit issued by the Ministry of Health or Ministry of Agriculture.
-Russia - We currently can not ship to you
-Serbia Montenego
-Spain - We currently can not ship to you
-United Kingdom

Middle East