Benefits of Reishi – Ganoderma Lucidium


Reishi mushroom is revered in the Oriental traditional medicine as a fungus that could make a person immortal. This mushroom is used largely as a medicinal herb. The bitter taste and wood like texture of reishi mushroom will not be fit for preparing soaps and salads.

Nonetheless, people, who are aware of the large number of health benefits of this mushroom, have no qualms of having reishi mushroom in their soaps. However, largely, reishi is consumed in the form of tea.

For best results, one should eat reishi mushroom in the morning in empty stomach. Taking enough water along with this mushroom helps to increase the efficacy of reishi mushroom.

Strengthens immunity

Reishi mushroom is one of the best immunity stimulating foods. Intake of reishi mushroom helps to enhance production of T cells. T cells kill the invading bacteria and virus, protecting our bodies from the onslaught of these disease-causing germs. This immunity stimulating power of reishi mushroom could be utilized for fighting several infectious diseases. This medicinal mushroom could also be effective in fighting HIV. To extract the maximum immunity strengthening benefit from reishi mushroom, consume reishi mushroom along with vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables.

Cures respiratory problems

In traditional Chinese medicine, reishi mushroom is recommended to fight coughs and colds. It could significantly reduce the symptoms of chronic bronchitis and asthma.

Improves liver function

The bitterness of reishi mushroom, derived from triterpenes, a type of plant compound found in this mushroom, promotes liver function. Reishi mushroom can also be used for treating hepatitis B.


Reishi mushroom can prevent common allergies. Ganoderic acids present in this fungus check histamine secretion, reducing the symptoms of allergies.

Fights cancer

According to studies, reishi mushroom could prevent as well as arrest growth of cancerous cells. This mushroom could be effective in preventing as well as slowing down the development of prostate, breast and bladder cancers.


The reishi mushroom is also a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. It can prevent heart diseases and Alzheimer’s disease. It can reduce inflammation and Arthritis pain could be treated with this mushroom.