Fungi Health Medicinal Mushroom Extract Affiliate Program

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Join our medicinal mushroom affiliate program today and start earning cash for the customers you recommend.

How it Works

Customers click on your personalized link, redirecting them to our website. If customer makes a purchase within 24 hours of clicking your link. You get paid!

Our medicinal mushroom affiliate program works on a 2 tier system.

Tier 1 - You sign up and receive an affiliate ID. This us used in banners we supply or links on your website, blog, newsletter, signature etc.

Tier 2 - Anyone who joins the affiliate program, through your referral


Tier 1 - 12% of sale

Tier 2 - 5% of sale

Payouts are sent via check or money order when minimum balance of $25.00 is reached.

How to sign up

Register for an account here be sure to click 'affiliate' in "apply for role" box

Note: Once approved make sure to complete your address and other info in the Affiliate setup section located in your affiliate toolbox.

Fungi Health reserves the right to remove any affiliate accounts that violate it's terms of service. Or any abuse of the program through what Fungi Health considers, at it's own discretion, to be spam.

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